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Hasbro Interactive

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Pentium 133, 16 Megs RAM, 60 Megs HD,
16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, and DirectX 5

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Game Review - by StormDaemon
Remember the good old days when games were really simple, but so much fun? Well, no need for nostalgia because Atari has brought back the classic Centipede in a new, fun, and good looking format. The old simple graphics and top down view have been redone into the latest in 3D technology incorporating everything that makes 3D accelerators worth their money.

The storyline begins with a legend of that every 100 years an evil menace rises from the earth to try to destroy all and take over. The Wee people of the land of Weedom choose a hero to fight off that menace every time it rears its ugly head, and this time they have chosen Wally, a simple bean counter. You take on Wally's role as he defends the Wee people from all of the centipedes, spiders, and other nasty insects.

The game features two wonderful modes of play, Arcade and Adventure. Arcade is the form of Centipede that everyone is used to, a top down view of a ship shooting at the bugs, and Adventure is more of a first person shooter approach with Wally traveling through the land to destroy the bugs and protect the people. Both modes feature beautiful 3D graphics that are colorful and detailed, and make the game a whole lot of fun. The game also features two player games over a network. While the options and controls are simple, they provide easy access to a fun game.

The gameplay is really easy to learn and is really fun. The Arcade game was as good as the original Centipede plus a whole lot more, and the Adventure game was great as well. In the Adventure mode, you go around levels trying to save individual Wee people and their homes from the ravaging insects all the while collecting powerups to help you on your journey. The best part about it is the 3 view modes to choose from. There is a top down view, an over the shoulder view, and a first person view. The top down view allow for maximum visibility and control, because you can see all around you, unlike the over the shoulder view and the first person view which allow you to only see what's right in front. While the top down allows for the best strategic playing, the other two views allow for the most fun. The first person view is just like any good first person shooter game, and has a nice console for the vehicle you are in. The trackball and button on the console remind me a lot of the arcade controls.

The levels get progressively more difficult and offer a real challenge to even the most diehard centipede player. Not only do you have to kill the bugs, but also other missions are given, and even though you do not have to do them, they do help your score increase a great amount.

The graphics are the absolute best part of the game. Everything is done is 3D, or has some of those special effects like coronas that are allowed by 3D accelerators. All of the graphics add to the game and make it look beautiful. I could not find a flaw at all with any of the details, enemies, levels, or anything. Even the weapons fire for the game was really nice. Allowing for a first person view really brought a whole new level to the game, and making sure that the graphics were awesome builds the game up a lot in my view.

Sound FX:
The sound effects were great with all of the classic bleeps and zaps that bring back old memories of gaming. Atari even brought back some of the exact original sounds for the game, which in my opinion, really was a great idea. The music was great, it had a techno dance rhythm to it, and it made everything feel really fast paced and fun.

This game was a blast. Anyone who liked the original Centipede in any way will love this new, updated version. Atari really outdid themselves with their awesome graphics and sounds. The Arcade and Adventure options of play were really cool and refreshing, while the 3 different views in the Adventure mode were really fun. This game is a lot of fun, and I recommend it to every type of gamer out there who appreciates something simple but fun.

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