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Published by:
Blizzard Entertainment

Game Genre:
Real-Time Strategy

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Are Available

Pentium 90, 16 MB RAM, 2x CD-ROM, 16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, and DirectX.

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Sound FX



Star Craft: Brood War

Game Review - by Jeremiah Pratt
Ah we present Starcraft Brood Wars. The question needed to be answered is it another sloppy add-on? The result is no, don't be surprised at the idea of an add-on doing what its supposed too. Brood Wars, reinvents the old. Refreshes the Story Line, and does so much more read on.

The Story picks up where Starcraft left off. It's the Aftermath of the mess you just cleaned up. The protoss suffered massive losses after Tassadar sacrificed himself to destroy the Zerg. The Conclave has been eradicated, and now the Dark Templar and the Judicator are united. There are new strings of zerg alive meaner than ever. You can thank this to Arcturus Mengsk. Newly appointed Emperor of the United Terrain Colonies. His master plan is to release a new string of zerg upon terrain forces. Their excuse for this heinous act is to test their military power. I say bull hockey; anyway you as the sovereign of justice must undo this dirty deed, and destroy the zerg.

The features have been improved since the original Starcraft. Now you can pick between the old Starcraft and the new Expansion. The same goes for the multiplayer aspect. If you pick the Starcraft you will have all the original perks of the game. If you wish to play Brood Wars Multi just push that button and you're off. Plus there are new custom maps to play with; the fun just doesn't end.

The graphics although similar to the original game. There are some new added twists such as: snow, and desert. The new units fight with zeal and look great. The Movie Intro is awe inspiring, and get you emotionally involved. So when you remember to stop holding your breath. You will be wowed by the improved terrain, and although not noticeable. The unit's details have been revamped as well.

Sound FX:
The Sound takes off, as Starcraft set a standard in voice-overs, and intelligent actors. The returning class of characters such as Raynor, Lt. Kerrigan. Now include more lines, and sound even more convincing then before. I remind you the story is awesome, and even during game time it moves along. Each race sports a new musical track, which just adds to the improvements.

The Gameplay is phenomenal, I know you want to hear what the new units are. So here it is; the terrain introduces the medic, and a sopped up Valkyrie. The medics can heal, and restore death bound soldiers. While the Valkyrie can deliver a heavy blow to conventional starships. The Zerg now have the Lurker, and Devourer. These units are too nasty to get into, you'll see. Lastly but not least are the Protoss Dark Templar, Corsair, and Dark Archon. The Dark Templar powers have increased and are the deadliest stealth units. The Corsairs are a superior fleet support craft. With a heavy armor design, and pack a neutron flare. As for the Dark Archon, three words Heavy Support Warrior.

You've heard all the improvements; we didn't even touch the area of upgrades. That just goes to show how much work was put into this game. They didn't just do what was needed and went a step further. The character lines are excellent; the new units are cool. The Graphics have a new feel to them. But most importantly, the Story is the best I've experienced this year. Finally, the Multiplayer game has been improved as well.

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