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Published by:
Microprose, Inc.

Game Genre:
Action/Arcade Game

Game Cheats:
Are Available

Pentium 133, 16mb RAM, DirectX, Sound Blaster 16-bit, 4x CD-ROM

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Sound FX



Birth of the Federation

Game Review - by StormDaemon
Star Trek gaming fans should get ready for a strategy game that has all the bells and whistles you'd expect from something based off the incredibly popular TV series. Birth of the Federation is a turn-based strategy game that incorporates a large number of both old and new strategic elements with the theme of Star Trek. Using the actual voices from actors for their characters' species, this game faithfully recreates the Star Trek universe. Just one look at a screenshot or two will show just how far this game has gone to be a true Star Trek game.

Birth of The Federation is a highly complex game that features the Star Trek universe, but even without the theme the game would be the type that you could sit and play for days on end.

One of the main elements that make this game complex is the variable size of the universe. You can play on a small, medium, and large size universe and it surely makes a difference. You can explore the whole universe, but you'll have to keep track of all the events in order to be successful.

The number of actions possible within a turn is also a factor. You can work on your diplomacy, explore the universe, fight battles, research new ideas, produce new items, colonize systems and much more. It would take a few hours just list all of the possibilities for a game of Birth of The Federation because in a sense, you actually are guiding the Federation (or one of the other empires) from the very beginning to possibly universe-wide domination.

With all of that strategy, I'm sure a few people might like some good combat now and then, and this game delivers that wish. The combat is 3D and turn-oriented, with several different ways of attacking and defending. Whenever you execute a move, such as a close fly-by attack, you'll see your ship --in perfect 3D-- swoop in over the enemy and fire off their weapons. While that ship is doing that, you'll be able to adjust your view to any angle to provide either the best tactical or fun view.

Strategy and Diplomacy are two of the main elements that are necessary in the game. Since the alien races will align together, you must slowly ally with the other races and stab them in the back in order to gain the upper hand. Sometimes aliens are not too attentive so one superior race or another will crush them. Either way, strategy is a must, and in order to do that, you have to explore the universe, expand your colonies, produce lots of different items, and build a strong military.

As you expand into the universe, There will be weaker and stronger races, some that'll want to ally with you, some who won't care about you, and some that'll want to destroy you. While exploring, you'll have to constantly manage your resources and research new technology such as improved ships, construction methods, and farming methods.

While managing your research and resources, you'll also have at your disposal intelligence agents, who monitor your empire and others, if you so choose. They'll provide feedback about what others are doing and if other empires have infiltrated your system with their own agents. Needless to say, a number of things must be monitored and used to the utmost in order to gain the upper hand in the battle for domination.

The developers of Birth of The Federation stayed true to the graphical theme that was ever present in the Star Trek series. The controls and graphical effects look just like those that were on the consoles of the starships in the TV series, and you'll feel as if you're right in the seat of one of those ships.

When you're not admiring the authentic reproduction of the show graphics, you'll see that everything drawn, designed and created is worthy of a Star Trek name. No two-bit graphics were involved, and even the graphics that were off to the side--such as pictures of alien races-- still looked of good quality. The 3D graphics during the space battles are all quick and good-looking. The ships are authentic and behave like they do in the movies and the TV shows, so no fan will be disappointed while watching a pitched space battle.

Sound FX:
Every sound within the game was accurately recreated from the Star Trek TV shows and they weren't cheap recordings either. The sounds were full and crisp and sounded just as sharp as they do on TV. You'll hear things ranging from weapons fire to the computer speaking with the same voice the show used. Actual actors were used in certain sections such as race descriptions and intros. Also included are all of the blips and bleeps that all the Trekkies will be sure to love.

Birth of the Federation is a very complex game that combines the highly popular theme of Star Trek with an amazing strategy game engine. Both Trekkies and strategy game fans will be enthralled for hours trying to either rule the universe or bring peace to everyone. No matter what path a person takes, it won't be very easy, and it won't happen any time soon because the gameplay is really good and entertaining, and the amount of strategy that must be used is immense. Not for shoot-'em-up fans, this game uses great graphics and sounds to provide for a full Star Trek strategically experience that is well worth its price.

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