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Published by:
SouthPeak Interactive

Game Genre:
Racing Simulation

Game Cheats:
Not Available

Pentium 233, 32 Megs RAM, 4X CD-ROM,
16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, and DirectX 6

Retail Price:
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Sound FX



Boss Rally

Game Review - by StormDaemon
Get ready for a rally racing game that'll keep all of you racing fans in your computer chairs for a while trying to beat the tough AI and finish first in a simple, but fun game. Sporting 16 customizable cars and 6 tough tracks, you won't get bored with this game unless you really hate racing. Not only can you race against computer cars, but you can also challenge up to 8 others over LAN, modem, or serial cable. A great soundtrack and nice special effects are the highlight of one of the newest racing games around.

Other than fast paced arcade racing, Boss Rally features great 3d accelerated graphics that has a lot of nice special effects. If you are lucky enough to have a good 3d card, you'll be able to see nice weather effects such as rain, snow, and fog, all of which make it very difficult to race. To add to that difficultly, you'll face quick computer opponents and tracks that have secret shorcuts that go offroad, allowing your opponent to gain the upperhand. If you get tired of your computer opponents, you can get up to 7 others together to race, making for a fun multiplayer experience.

Just like any other racing game, you'll experience a lot of fast racing against a tough computer in varying tracks that will certainly test your skills. The cars in the game are made up, but you can at least customize them in a few ways such as tires, shocks, and transmission, so it isn't entirely simple. Contrary to a lot of other racing games, the customizations really do modify the car, so if you use slick tires in rain, you'll be sliding a whole lot. Once you get finished picking out your car, and your weather conditions, you'll get to start the race. The first noticeable thing is the very nice 3d graphics, especially the weather. If you set it to rain, then it looks like its raining, even completing the deal with the usual fog and stormy clouds usually associated with rain. After the race gets underway, you'll notice that there is a lot of control involved in the game, and a lot of precision is necessary, because even the slightest change to the car can affect its ability to race. All detail aside, the game is still a lot of fun.

The 3d accelerate graphics look pretty good for a simple arcade racing game. I was surprised by the amount of detail that was in the game, especially within the weather effects, and those had to be the best part of all. Next up on the list of favorites was the actual car effects. The car itself reacts to the environment, which can be either getting banged up, getting snow all over the tires, or seeing everything reflect off the shiny new paint job. No matter which way, there are a lot of effects, and they all look good.

Sound FX:
In considering the sound effects of the game, two things must be thought about, one being the actual sounds, and the other being the music. The sounds of the game were good, not great, but certainly not bad. Not too much could be said about them other than they were usual racing sounds. If you've never even heard a car before, then why are you on a computer? With the car sounds aside, the music grandly steps in. What I heard as music tracks was very unexpected because they were actually performed by a band, or so they sounded. The music was techno/rock and it sounded pretty good for a computer game. It wasn't a cheap sounding band they scrambled together either, it was very professional sounding. If more games would have bands do their soundtracks, the game music world would be a better place.

Boss Rally is a fun and fast game that looks good and sounds good. Any fan of arcade racing will surely enjoy everything this game has to offer, especially the customizing and the great special effects. Even the average gamer will certainly find something to enjoy, whether it is the nice graphics or the great music. The most outstanding features definitely had to be the 3d accelerated effects and the music tracks that had to have been performed by an actual band. If you want a fun and simple game that looks good and sounds nice, but isn't the most complicated, top of the line, or even expensive, then this is it what you want.

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