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Published by:
Monolith Productions

Game Genre:
Action/3D Game

Game Cheats:
Are Available

Pentium 200, 32 MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM,
DirectX Sound, 3MD Hard disk, DirectX 5.

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Sound FX



Blood II: The Chosen

Game Review - by Jeremiah Pratt
Blood 2: The Chosen takes another great step towards game excellence. The Original game was a technical mishap, hiccup if you must say. But Monolith Studios has jacked it up a notch and handed us Blood 2.

The Story is involved and well integrated. The year is 2028, 100 years after the original events in Blood. Caleb, Blood's undead anti-hero, has walked the Earth this entire time. Sounds like fun well its not, the Cabel, the massive cult that Caleb loves to hate is at it again. The Cult runs under a company now called Calbeco, which is slowly gaining global power. That's all nice, but there's a problem. Gideon Calbeco's faithless leader has sought his mission in life to destroy Cabel. Oh and resurrect the dark God Tchernobog.

The Interface in Blood 2 is pretty cool. You're greeted with a sweet movie, which leads you into the story line. The Install was smooth and painless. The menu options are so simple a two-year-old can figure them out.

The awesome lithtech engine powers the Graphics. The lithtech engine brings a new look to graphic splendor. Mainly in the area of transparencies and lighting effects, plus the weapon effects are cool too. I still can't get over the wicked blood effects. By the way they can get pretty gruesome ala the game title Blood 2. The level design is really developed well also. Although there is a lack of the gothic feel that Blood 1 brought us. The buildings are heavily detailed and you truly feel immersed within the game.

Sound FX:
The Sound Fx are on the ball. Blood 2 sports a plethora of ambient sounds, smart ass wisecracks. Some of which will just stop you dead in laughter. The character voice-overs and narration's are excellent as well. Finally there's another game which didn't skip a step in that category. The musical score is a hip Techno rap. Which should keep you pumped and primed the whole game.

The Gameplay is a mixed bag of goodies. The Level Design is well done, but in contrast gets confusing sometimes. You may unfortunately find yourself wondering around in circles. Despite the get the key, push the button thing. There are witty Easter eggs all around. Another great feature is the unique weapon selection. Who ever heard of using bug spray as a tool of death? If that's not enough for you pick up two of the same weapons and go packing heavy. Nothing beats the hell out of having both hands full of destruction. The only drawback is you can't use the alternate fire.

Overall, Blood 2 is step towards the 3d gaming we have begun to love. Excellent graphics, speed, sound and gameplay. Blood 2 has very little flaws, which definitely doesn't even scratch gameplay. I still can't get enough of Caleb's witty sayings.

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