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Published by:
Interplay Productions

Game Genre:
Role-Playing Game

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Are Available

Pentium 166, 16 MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM, 16-bit Sound Board, Mouse, and DirectX.

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Sound FX



Baldur's Gate

Game Review - by Jeremiah Pratt
Welcome to the Forgotten Realms and the world of Faerun! A land of magic and adventure. This does have and familiar ring to it. Might it be AD&D, well hell yes. Baldur's Gate, is one of the best AD&D RPG'S yet. You have doubts, read for yourself.

Your adventure takes place in Sword Coast. For years, the lands between Waterdeep, a huge city far north of Baldur's Gate: have been littered with wild beasts, hobgoblins and much worse. But that's not the end of it. You are the keeper of Candlekeep Inn. All you know is you were adopted. Gorian raised you as his own. Lately strange things have been happening to you. Mainly because you have become a hot item. Some people are trying to kill you, and you don't know why. Gorian has hinted that you have some mundane destiny to fulfill. Unfortunately you have no idea what it is. It's your job now to find out why, where, and who.

The in-game interface is excellent, even the beginning player can figure it out within a short time. All real time myths are destroyed by this interface. You have the ability to pause at any time. A feature that if used efficiently will make you unstoppable.

An interesting issue here for graphics. Why does Baldur's Gate ship with 5 Disks! The answer is simple; the graphics are so intense they couldn't jam it into one. You are treated with gorgeous landscapes, fields, forests, mountains, and oceans. You name it they got it plus; the towns are really nice. Look up the definition of detail, and you'll see two words: Baldur's Gate. The towns especially, large thundering castles, cozy looking inns. It's all there, and you'll begin to love getting lost. Can't forget the spell effects oh man these are beautiful. Some spells are so wicked looking; you want to cast it over and overů

Sound FX:
The Sound FX, are unbelievable all types of sounds for all types of things. The coolest thing happening is when you NPC's start talking to each other. This can get really funny when two NPC's start getting into an argument. Let the games begin, also each beast, weapon, and spell has a different sound. Those ancient spell chants are really cool though. The musical score is another treat. Surprisingly enough the music is an integral part of the game. Each scenario has its own environmental sounds. Setting up a pleasant atmosphere, for you to play in.

The Gameplay, all I have to say is RPG's are back. Baldur's Gate vitalizes this dying game genre. With the easy interface, and instant character control. It makes for great play, instead of worrying about what key to push. Plus the pause option that I mention before, is why it works. The breadwinner for Baldur's Gate is the Coop Multiplay. You and your friends can team up to take on the world. This can be extremely rewarding when your friend's share their stuff.

Finally, everything fits for Baldur's Gate. It is a definite step forward in the RPG genre. Wonderful graphical display, and ambient sounds. Of course Baldur's Gate is not flawless, as a few bugs bog it down. That doesn't deter from what this game has done for the RPG fans.

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