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Published by:
Sierra Online, Inc.

Game Genre:
Sports Simulation

Game Cheats:
Not Available

Pentium 60, Win95,
16 Megs of RAM,
SVGA, Sound Card, Mouse, & DirectX 3.

Retail Price:
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Sound FX



FPS: Baseball Pro '98

Game Review - by Dan Piparo
Baseball Pro '98 is your ticket to the Big Show! With a unrivaled physics engine, it will give you real results based on weather, altitude, and ball spin. The players -- and they've got'em all -- behave true to their nature. Each play's outcome relies on physics, and not on predetermined statistics, making FPS: Baseball Pro '98 the only simulator that really feels like baseball. You may even catch a whiff of newly-mown grass and hotdogs! If you're looking for a quick game, the bigger, better Arcade mode is just the thing for you. With improved Artificial Intelligence, free game utilities and interleague play, Baseball Pro '98 brings you baseball at its most realistic, and fun! Ready to Dominate the Diamond?

FPS: Baseball Pro '98 will also sport other new features:

  • More automation and functionality to the remote league mode of game play allowing users to automate the generation and transfer of league data files and game results over the Internet.

  • The addition of altitude data (based on city's location/altitude) to the game's physics engine.

  • New batter-pitcher confrontation model, including the ability for batters to learn the strengths and weaknesses of opposing pitchers or pitching patterns.

  • Improved access to batting practice with the ability to match up any batter and any pitcher in the 1997 Major League Baseball players association.

  • More information during Spring Training to understand minimum training requirements needed to maintain player ratings, plus the computer can be called up to decide allocations for each player on an individual basis.

  • Multiple game types including Arcade, Batting Practice, Exhibition play, each with a variety of difficulty settings and Single-season League, Career League, and Remote League play.

With its exclusive physics-based engine, the motion capture technology, it creates fluid, life-like player movements, exclusive multi-season career play so your players can be drafted, trained and age gracefully into the Hall of Fame, Sierra's own CAMS (Camera Angle Management System) and a VCR feature for play review from any angle in the ballpark, all 28 major league ball parks rendered in beautiful 3D graphics, MLBPA licensed, and player stats in over 2,000 categories.

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