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Published by:
Acclaim Sports

Game Genre:
Sports Simulation

Game Cheats:
Are Available

Memory Pack, Rumble Pack supported, One to Four Player Modes

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Sound FX



WWF: War Zone

Game Review - by Mike Bradner
WWF Warzone captures all of the action (both in and out of the ring) that has made the WWF the world's most popular wrestling organization!

WWF Warzone is a great looking game. Configurations of controllers are easy and simple. The game tells you what the basic function of each button is and then allows you to designate any button you wish to have perform that function. The default settings for the controller are very easy and comfortable to use during game play. Warzone is very simple to play, all you have to do is turn on the game, pick your favorite wrestler, the type of match you want to fight and you are ready to go.

The graphics of this game are awesome. Colors in this game are vast; whether it is from the ring being mirrored (a cheat option) or the skin color of your customized wrestler. The animation of the game is great too. The moves of the wrestlers and their actions are excellent. There is never any gliching or jumping through a move or in that matter a match. All of the images in the game are very crisp. Whether it be a customized wrestler or a folding chair (used as a weapon), there is no distortion of them.

Sound FX:
The sound in WWF is great. There is so many things said in the game it is extraordinary that gameplay is not slowed down by this. In any match, you have spectators yelling from the crowd for both wrestlers, commentary of the match by ringside announcers, and wrestlers themselves saying things to other fighters such as Stone Cold Steve Austin's "Hell Yeah" or "Don't take this ass whoopin' personally." You also have the sounds of the fight. The grunting of a player who has just been hit or the sound of a wrestler connecting with a punch to the other fighter's face is another great feature. Sound in this game is superb.

Warzone is so simple to play. You can begin by going to the training mode of the game and learning your favorite wrestler's move. From there, you can move into the Challenge round where it is your goal to become the WWF Heavyweight Champion. Moves are very basic, a punch and kick are one button, and other things such as the "Throat Toss" of the Undertaker are two simple directional moves followed by one button. Two directions and one button are the most you ever have to push for one move. All of these moves can also be accessed while in a fight by pausing the game and going to "Move List," this will tell you what move you are able to do on your opponent in that position. The control of your play is also very good, the only problem that you might first encounter is in "Royal Rumble" mode when you have to choose which player you are going to fight, but by reading the instruction book it soon becomes clear. Warzone is for one to four players. Regardless of the number of players, the game never slows down or lags.

WWF Warzone is a great game. Gameplay is so simple and once you fight with a certain player a few times the moves become second nature. One of the best parts of the game though has to be at the end of each match when a finishing move can be performed. These moves are individual to each wrestler like Steve Austin's "Stunner" or the Undertaker's "Tombstoner" which happens to be my favorite move. The sound and graphics are great in this game. Customized characters are so easy to create in this game and you have so many options to choose from. WWF Warzone is a game you definitely have to have.

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