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Published by:
Midway Entertainment

Game Genre:
Racing Simulation

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Nintendo 64

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Sound FX



Off-Road Challenge

Game Review - by Mike Bradner
Strap yourself in and get ready to ride! Players battle the elements and each other in a race that takes them across 6 rugged courses including the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas and Pikes Peak! Choose Circuit Mode and climb your way to the top of the heap!

Course terrain includes snow, water, asphalt, dirt, sand, rocks, and mud! This is the game that begins where the road ends! With winnings you pick up on the track, customize your truck in the Speed Shop and leave your opponents in the dust!

The controls are simple and really do not need changing. The screen layouts are easy to use but not very impressive. Off Road Challenge could have done more with their game to make it more interesting.

The graphics of Off Road Challenge are bad, as in not good. They are very low grade. The colors seem to all run together and the images are not very sharp. The animation of the game is smooth but gameplay with the graphics is very jumpy. They could have slowed the game down and made the camera a little bit better to handle with the car goes off road and through trees. The camera could have moved or rather then just having parts of trees cut out of the view so you could see.

Sound FX:
The sounds of the game are very plain. Granted that they sound like racing engines and when you hit jumps you have that sound but other then that there is nothing that was very impressive about it. I found that sounds could have been better, maybe by adding commentary of the race or sayings in the race that would make it more interesting but I guess not.

Gameplay for Off Road Challenge is very simple, you just press a button and go. You do not have to worry about crashing because it never lets you. If you are headed directly for a wall you either go right through it or you hit it and bash back but still keep forward momentum and there is never any damage to the car. There is then the jumpy play, if you get going and are cruising right along you will crash because the game cannot keep up.

Off Road Challenge is a poorly constructed game. So many things could have been better that would make the game more interesting. You only have 4 cars and are given an opportunity to get four special but instead of giving you one car when you beat a certain skill level you must beat them all with your mediocre car which is virtually impossible. I did not like this game.

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