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Published by:
Acclaim Sports

Game Genre:
Sports Simulation

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Nintendo 64

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Sound FX



NFL Quarterback Club '98

Game Review - by Mike Bradner
NFL Quarterback Club '98 is a football video game, released in November of 1997. It was developed by Iguana Entertainment and published by Acclaim for the SNES, Sega Genesis, PlayStation, and Nintendo 64.

NFL Quarterback Club 98 is a great game. The layout of the game could not be simpler to use. You have the opportunity to configure your controller to the options you want but I found that once you play a few games with the default controls they are very easy to get used to. I did not need to change the controls. The layout of the screen is good. You have many different options on whether to start a quick game, start a season, or make your own team. I really liked the options that the game gives you.

The graphics of NFL Quarterback Club 98 are good. The colors and ensignias of the teams are accurate. The playing field is nice and the animation of the game is very smooth. The only bad thing about the graphics is if you look in instant replay on certain catches you will be able to see the ball either make an unusual turn to meet the receiver or it will sometimes go through the back of the player. That is really the only poor aspect of the graphics.

Sound FX:
The sound of the games are good. There is the commentary by Marv Albert, which alone, makes it funny, but then you have the hitting and the great football sounds. The sounds of the play calling really add to the game. The sound adds to the experience of the game.

The gameplay of NFL Quarterback Club 98 is so awesome. The fact that you are the quarterback on second and then the receiver you passed to the next make the game great from any aspect. You control the entire team. The game in multiplayer is fun. From playing against each other, to being on the same team, which is an experience is awesome. I really like the game.

NFL Quarterback Club 98 is a great game. The game does not have any really bad points to it. If you like football you will probably enjoy this game. From the 98 teams to the teams of old that are given in the game, NFL Quarterback Club 98 is an excellent game.

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