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Midway Entertainment

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Nintendo 64

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Gex: Enter the Gecko

Game Review - by Mike Bradner
GEX is reluctantly recruited by government secret agents to prevent his arch nemesis, Rez, from taking over the country's television broadcasts. Full of tongue-in-cheek references to pop culture and American media, GEX: Enter the Gecko artfully combines humor, stunning graphics and gameplay.

All-new 360-degree, free-roaming 3D game play allows GEX to explore vast, brilliantly detailed 3D levels - each is a sarcastic parody of movies and TV programs. GEX is designed to execute more than 125 unique moves with 3,400 frames of fluid character animation and "turn and talk" lip-synching. HBO comedian Dana Gould provides the voice and personality of GEX with over 500 celebrity impersonations and funny one-liners.

The preset controls are very easy to get used to in the game which is good because there is no place for you to change the control commands. The game has a pretty good layout, it is so very similar to Super Mario World 64. The camera view is just like that of Mario. If you like the camera view of Mario you will have no problem with that in Gex 64.

The graphics of Gex 64 are good. The animation is very similar like I said to Mario although it is not quite as good. In Mario, the graphics and textures of the characters are very crisp, in Gex, the texture is not quite as good and the contrast could have been better. Details were good but not great. Overall, the graphics contributed to gameplay rather then hindered it.

Sound FX:
The sound in Gex 64 is great. The music in it is just like any other animation game background music but, what makes Gex 64 sound so good is the tidbits of information the gecko keeps saying such as, "Never accept career advise from Joe Piscapo" or "Yeah baby Yeah" in an Austin Powers accent. The game also has good depth in sound. It has a good 3D quality to it.

The gameplay of Gex is fun. It is very easy to get objects and fight enemies in the game. There is no multiplayer option in the game, it is solely a one player game like Mario 64. Although there is not multiplayer the game is still fun to play. The moves that the gecko can pull off are great. One of them is the "flying karate kick" which is great to take out enemies. Gameplay of the game is good.

Overall, Gex 64 is a good game, the graphics are fair which is fine because the sound makes up for the lack in graphics. The gameplay could be easier such as the camera angles given but once you get used to it you hardly notice the changing camera. The game is overall fun and is enjoyable to play. If you enjoyed Mario 64 you should enjoy Gex 64.

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