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Action Game

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Rumble Pak Compatible, 1-4 player simultaneous play

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Game Review - by Jeremiah Pratt
In the year 2001, a virus has killed most of the females on Earth. Various countries fight over each other's quarantine zones, and end up engaging in nuclear war, destroying much of civilization. The few remaining females are held by gangs who have taken over small pieces of the world. The main character, Griffin Spade, had his fiancee, Madison, taken away from Queens, New York (and him) by the U.S. Government and placed in a safe zone in California before New York City was destroyed. He claims a tank for his own and sets out to cross America and find her, battling gangs as he reaches his goal.

Battletanx's features combine simple yet changeable controls to modify the commands to your liking. The layouts of the screens leave a little bit to be desired and are reminiscent of Super Nintendo games. Without any great animation to speak to enhances the beginning of the game.

The graphics of Battletanx are not the greatest I have seen. The quality of them are comparable to say Off-Road Challenge. They could have been so much better but still they really do not take away from game play. The one thing about the graphics feature that I really did like was with the Goliath tank, after firing your huge cannon you see the smoke trail which is really nice. The smoke looks like it was probably modeled off of actual cannon fire smoke. It also happens in the smaller tanks but it is really evident in the Goliath.

Sound FX:
I really liked the sound in this game. They are very authentic. The sound of machine guns firing off your little scout to the huge cannon of the Goliath, the sounds are great. I especially like the sound of the machine gun fire hitting the metal of another tank, it sound pretty close to the real thing. The only thing that I did not like about the sound was the way your specialty weapons sounded. They seemed a little cheesy. Other than that though I would have to say the sound is the best feature overall.

If this game were just a single player alone I would have only given it 2 lamps maybe 3 but if you are into multiplayer like I am this game is definitely worth getting. There are a lot of different modes that you can play with in multiplayer from a deathmatch to protecting your queen and rescuing all the other queens of rival tribes. The single player game is alright. Most of the time the missions are very short and are not that difficult to beat. I also found the game fairly short; I beat it in the course of an afternoon or two. I enjoyed the game though. But for a great multiplayer game, this is a good one.

Overall, the game is nice. It would have been just another average game had it not been for the awesome multiplayer function. The story is a little farfetched and the graphics leave a little to be desired. The sound is great and pretty much if you like blowing stuff up and carnage you will like this game. I thought the game was above average.

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