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Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing

Game Review - by SkaDaddy
Suzuki Alstare Extreme Racing from Ubi Soft is the official game for the Suzuki Alstare Team. It is also the second of two great racing games that I have played for the Dreamcast. The other was Speed Devils from Ubi Soft. This game is an intense arcade motorcycle racing game with stunning graphics and unbelievable speed. The physics aren't real but the fun is. This game isn't very in-depth as it has few features and options, but if you want speed and crazy, winding, realistic tracks, this will be your new baby.

This game has 12 tracks, 6 bikes, and five game modes. The 12 tracks can also be run in reverse while the bikes can be slightly altered for varying performance. This doesn't lead to very much diversity, just awesome driving. In the full game version it's about points. As you place first in points you move on to the next set of tracks, and also earn the newer and faster bikes. The five modes include Arcade, Pure Arcade, Against the Clock, Championship, and 2 player split screen. All of these modes are basically drive fast and win.

The driving on this game is very good. The bikes have good handling and great speed. This is very arcade-like with unrealistic crashes (or lack of). It drives well and maneuvering through the courses is easy once you know the layout of the track. Adjusting power, steering, and braking on your bike will improve your ability to drive various courses.

The visuals on this game are stunning. The bikes are excellent and the backgrounds are beautiful. You could watch these smooth graphics all day long if you don't get sick from the driving. The lines are smooth and the bikes are three dimensionally breathtaking. Basically, the graphics were well done and deserve to be looked at at least once.

Sound FX:
The bike sounds are very nice on this game. The gear shifting and peeling out sounds are quite accurate. The music is very entertaining and worth listening to. Some of this music plays on the web site ( .

There isn't much to this game other than the driving. If you want an arcade game where you get to drive fast bikes that won't crash and won't spin out from underneath you, then this is the game for you. Bottom line - This game doesn't do much…but it does it very well.

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