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Sonic Adventure

Game Review - by SkaDaddy
Our favorite little blue hedgehog is back, and he's looking better than ever. This is a massive game with multiple characters and features you just won't see anywhere else. This game fully uses Sega's VMU and Dreamcast modem for special gameplay and some new characters.

This game features six totally playable characters with individual storylines for each. These characters include Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy Rose, Big the Cat, and E102 Gamma. You must guide all of these characters through 50 unbelievably huge levels. These levels are totally three dimensional landscapes complete with bosses and mini-games. This game is enormous. If that's not enough, (which it is,) Sega has added something else: the "A-Life" system. Similar to the tomagatchi or giga-pet, you have to hatch and then raise a virtual animal called a "Chao." You can then compete against other Chao or put them on the VMU. Once on the VMU you can trade them or play mini-games with them. The final new feature brought by Sega is a direct result of the Dreamcast modem. You can only access the official Sonic Adventure Homepage through a Dreamcast with the game. This page has hints, tips, rankings, and Chao trading. This is impressive.

Moving these characters through three-dimensional space is made very easy and responsive using the Dreamcast's analog stick. It took me about five minutes to get used to it. But once I did, I didn't know how I had lived without it. There are some other great controls onboard this game. Sonic has some new moves including the "Light Speed Dash" and the "Homing Attack." These are great moves. Also, you have direct access to camera angles and other visual aspects of the game. Not just camera view, but a 360 degree user selectable rotation field that you control with the Dreamcast's triggers. Sweet.

Like I said before, Sonic never looked better. The bright, colorful, 3D graphics look really nice. There is some boxiness to the main characters but not so much that you can't overlook it. The landscapes are beautiful and big. The ramps, tunnels, water, bridges, and other objects are so awesome. You could watch someone else play this game for hours. They are really nice. So was the 3 minute long intro-movie.

Sound FX:
This game had the typical video game sound effects. They were good quality and always in sync with the action of the game. The music was where the real story begins. The intro movie had very cool electronic music, the menus had very cool eighties hair music, and the game had really cool arcade type music. So overall, the music was very cool.

I'm not really a big fan of the previous Sonic games, but this one had something special to it. Combine the graphics with such depth of gameplay and you have your self a winner. To add the other features like accessing the web site only through the Dreamcast makes it all the better. This is very impressive work Sega.

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