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Power Stone

Game Review - by SkaDaddy
This is the start of a new level of fighting games brought on by the power of the Dreamcast. It starts off as if it will be a typical Street Fighter type game, (similar character select screen) but then quickly turns into something much greater. I realize that not only is the arena 3-D, but there is stuff in it. I say stuff and I mean projectiles and foreground objects. You can pick up park benches and throw them. You can swing around or climb up light poles. The stronger characters can pull out poles and use them as bats. Then there are hazards that you have to avoid like spikes, fire, and other painful 3-D objects. Then there are the weapons. You say weapons? Yes, weapons. These appear on the board and can include guns, swords, and bombs. But wait, there's more. What are those stones? They must be the so-called "Power Stones." You pick up three then turn into your alter ego (who I must say is much better than the original you) and pull off a special move (10 hits in a row if you are lucky). To quote Jerry Blank all I can say is "Wow. That must be a lot."

Storyline: It was the 19th century... a Romantic Era when Superstitions and legends were alive and powerful. Dreaming of vast fortune, adventurers sought the legendary Power Stones, magical stones that would make any wish come true.... -Capcom

This game has a fleet of graphically exquisite fighter jets with accurate flight controls and airplane movement. There are eight maps with different terrain, lighting, and conditions to fly over and in some cases through. There are five different modes split into training and full game mode. In training mode your flight instructor shows you where the controls are and what they do. She also tells you how to read your heads up display (HUD) and determine the position and heading of your aircraft. Full game mode includes Blue Impulse Mission (BIM), Sky Mission Attack, Free Flight, and Multi-player. In BIM mode you fly with a real (real mad) pilot who tells you what to do and how you are doing. You score points for various parts of each training step. There is a briefing before and a debriefing after each training step. Next there is the Sky Mission Attack. In this mode you fly though targets and earn points with respect to time. The Free Flight mode is self-explanatory. You fly wherever you want and land wherever you can. The Multi-player mode is also self-explanatory. You can have up to four pilots in this mode. In each of these modes there is movie style replays. They are quite nice but you get tired of watching them real quick.

This game was very easy to pick up and learn. The controls are simple and the object of the game is also easy. Pick up three stones and become a super fighter. Pick up other objects to use against your opponent. It is very easy to master the controls. However, the controls aren't very in-depth (e.g. there is no blocking) but that just makes it all the more rambunctious and wild.

Such cool 3-D worlds with moveable objects, all powered by the mighty Dreamcast. The visuals are very good. The only thing lacking from this category is depth perception. Sometimes it is hard to judge where you are and what direction you must go. You get slightly adjusted to it but it never quite seems right. This won't deter anyone from playing this game for hours, though.

Sound FX:
Cool sound effects for a fighting game. All the sounds are realistic and of high quality. The soundtrack is pretty good but not the best. There just isn't much by way of soundtracks lately, so this one is in the average. We need more games with killer soundtracks like Nitrous Oxide (Crystal Method did the soundtrack). But until then just shut up and fight (and enjoy it).

Well done, well done. This is most impressive with so many new things being offered to the fighter in the 3-D arena. Characters always had to rely on individual special moves to be quickly executed with a certain combination on the controller. Now, they give you guns and park benches. How nice is that? Very nice. I would recommend this game to anyone who looking for a fighting game. Why not try one of the first games of the new genre of 3-D fighting.

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