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Published by:
Crave Entertainment

Game Genre:
Flight Simulation

Game Cheats:
Are Available

VMU and Jump Pack compatible

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Not Available
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Sound FX




Game Review - by SkaDaddy
Are you bored with flying games that have dogfights and heavy artillery? Well you shouldn't be. Those games are the best. This on the other hand, isn't. Sure it's less violent, but these are video games. They are supposed to be violent. This game is slow and precise. I prefer fast and furious. Aerowings is a formation flying simulation game. In the style of the Blue Angels your squad is called the Blue Impulse. First, learn your controls and the locations of everything in the cockpit. Then move on to Blue Impulse training where you learn to takeoff, land, and make controlled formation moves. Finally, fly missions that take you to 8 different maps where you have to fly through virtual targets. There are also free flight and multi-player modes.

This game has a fleet of graphically exquisite fighter jets with accurate flight controls and airplane movement. There are eight maps with different terrain, lighting, and conditions to fly over and in some cases through. There are five different modes split into training and full game mode. In training mode your flight instructor shows you where the controls are and what they do. She also tells you how to read your heads up display (HUD) and determine the position and heading of your aircraft. Full game mode includes Blue Impulse Mission (BIM), Sky Mission Attack, Free Flight, and Multi-player. In BIM mode you fly with a real (real mad) pilot who tells you what to do and how you are doing. You score points for various parts of each training step. There is a briefing before and a debriefing after each training step. Next there is the Sky Mission Attack. In this mode you fly though targets and earn points with respect to time. The Free Flight mode is self-explanatory. You fly wherever you want and land wherever you can. The Multi-player mode is also self-explanatory. You can have up to four pilots in this mode. In each of these modes there is movie style replays. They are quite nice but you get tired of watching them real quick.

This game plays great. When you are in one of the behind-the-plan views you feel like you are one with the plane. Inside the cockpit, it is hard to see and you have to use a lot of instruments. The training modes are pretty cool with the instructors and precise commands. In addition, the standard analog stick on the Dreamcast controller works great with flying games. The controls are the standard flight stick controls, throttle, rudders, flaps, airbrakes, landing gear, and view. All of these fit nicely on the Dreamcast controller. Well done.

As always, Dreamcast graphics are beautiful. The planes and the scenery are great. Some of the graphics get fuzzy at far distances, but atypical of real life fuzziness. The planes however have full moving parts. The wings, rudders, flaps, airbrakes, landing gear, etc. all look very realistic and are very smooth. The cockpit view is cramped with not much viewing area outside the window.

Sound FX:
The sound is, as always, high quality. Unfortunately, the sounds are unrealistic for what I know to be jet sounds. There is just very little power backing it up. Also, the music is not very memorable. For all the great music from fighter jet history (Danger Zone from Top Gun come to mind), there is nothing special here.

If I didn't already have this game, I wouldn't buy it. It's not my type. Actually, it's not like any other typical video game. No violence? Seemingly slow moving vehicles? This is not why Mr. Nintendo invented video games. He invented video games so you could do things and be things that you can't be in real life. People can actually do this. They can't however blow up everything that moves just because the bad guys owe you 32,000 dollars. So, buy this game if you are a boring person or have an extra 32,000 dollars lying around. Otherwise, buy a real game.

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