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Major League Baseball 2K6

Go to main menu. Click on my 2k6 and croll down to enter cheat codes. 

Cheat                   Effect
Dream Team              Topps 2k6 All-Stars  
Gotcha                  Rocket Arms  
Unhittable              Crazy Pitches  
Crazy Hops              Bouncy Ball  
Last Chance             Super Wall Climbs  
Game On                 Unlock all Extras  
Black Sox               Unlock all Cheats  
Derek Jeter             Unlock Everything 


Unlock Almost Everything
Go to My 2K6 on the Main Menu, and select 'Enter Cheat Code'.
Enter 'Derek Jeter', including the upper case D and J and the
space. This should unlock all the unlockables except for the
Super Wall Climbs, Bouncy Ball, Rocket Arms, Super Pitches,
and Topps 2K Stars Cheats. 

Password                Effect
Derek Jeter             Unlock Almost Everything 


Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

Unlockable                      How to Unlock
Robbery! (150)                  Make a wall climb catch
                                (rob a home run.)

Super Slugger (200)             Hit 3 home runs in one game
                                with the same player on "Pro"
                                or higher difficulty setting.

Thief (150)                     Successfully steal 5 bases
                                in one game on "Pro"
                                or higher difficulty setting.

Unhittable (200)                Strikeout 15 batters with one
                                pitcher on "Pro"
                                or higher difficulty setting.

Offensive Explosion (300)       Score 20 runs in one game on "Pro"
                                or higher difficulty setting.

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