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Left 4 Dead

Stay alive longer:
When hordes of Infected appear, find a room with a door and no windows. Go inside and close the door. The 
Infected may break the door, but when you see a hole in it, shoot the Infected trying to break it down. Your 
teammates can handle most of the Infected.

Unbreakable door:
If you are low on health and need somewhere to hide, find a bathroom stall. Go inside the stall and close 
the door. The door never breaks down. This works well if you are trying to heal yourself.

Blood Harvest level 2: Easy win as Infected:
In Versus mode, there is a warehouse-type area immediately after the starting safe room. As a zombie, 
quickly run back to the emergency door on the other side of the warehouse. There should be a forklift near 
the door. Spawn and push this forklift in front of the doorway. Note: You may need to break the white door in 
front of the emergency door to get the forklift all the way in front of the doorway.

Dead Air: Level 2: Shortcut:
In "The Crane", jump on the fence after climbing on the vent cover. Go across the fence then jump to the other 
side of the horizontal fence. Turn left and go to the end. Jump up and to the right to air conditioning unit 
box on the corner of the next building. Once on the next building, go to the left corner. Jump to the top 
branch of the tree below you. You will lose a lot of health after landing. However you will be at the next 
safe room. 

Dead Air: Level 3: Shortcut:
In "The Construction Site", there is a metal door and a raised fence by the barricade that you burn. Jump on 
the fence and follow it until it begins to go downward. At this point, jump on the metal siding "door". 
Note: Some practice may be required. 

No Mercy: Level 1: Easy kills:
In level 1 of the No Mercy chapter, the Survivors must jump into a sewer hole to enter them. As an Infected, use 
this to your advantage. One must be a Smoker or a Hunter. Do not spawn; instead hide behind one of the large 
canisters in the room. Once the players open the hole and are done checking the vicinity, they will jump in. Due 
to the fact they must jump in one at a time or get stuck, make sure you have a clear view of the last one in 
line. Once all three are down and the fourth Survivor is still up, pounce or grab him. By doing this he will not 
be able to be saved, unless someone throws a Molotov or a pipe bomb.

No Mercy: Level 1: Shortcut:
As soon as the level starts, look over the edge of the building and down to the street. Notice the box-like 
object that is partway down. Drop down to it. Although you will take some damage, you will still be alive. You 
can then drop down to ground level and continue the level. 

No Mercy level 3: Easy win as Infected:
This trick works best as a Hunter. Before you spawn in No Mercy level 3, go all the way to the very end, at the 
hospital. Once up the ladder, turn to your right and there should be a dumpster. Move it all the way over to the 
manhole and one of two things will happen. It will either fall all the way down, which is bad because the 
Survivors can move it; or it will partially fall in. The survivors cannot move this at all. If you are a Tank, 
you can move a car over it, which is better than any dumpster. From here, do not puke on them as a Boomer. It 
will attract the Horde. The Horde will try to move the object away from the manhole. Then, as Hunters and 
Smokers, you can just attack them. They may shoot you, but every so often, you can hurt them until finally they 

In the warehouse near the end of the level, immediately after the area with the gas station and the lift, there 
is a forklift which you can use to block the door the survivors must go through. When the level starts, do not 
spawn. Instead, quickly go to the warehouse. When you get there, spawn and start pushing the forklift to the 
door. To push the forklift, keep attacking it. It will move very slowly but you will have time to push it before 
the Survivors reach it. The only way the Survivors can move it is by throwing pipe bombs at it repeatedly.

No Mercy level 4: Easy win as Infected:
Before you spawn, go all the way up to floor 28, where the elevator lets out. Just outside of the elevator is a 
generator. Move it in front of the elevator door. , if the Survivors know what you are doing, they can move it. 
It will require three survivors to move an object. However if you have someone else on the Infected side, they 
can go a little bit further and move the forklift that is there in front of the doorway.

No Mercy level 3: Easy way through:
Over by the trucks is a door that you can open later. However if you have some people meleeing it, it will 
eventually break.

Defeating Tanks:
To kill a Tank faster, throw a Molotov cocktail or a gas tank and shoot it. When the Tank is on fire, shoot him 
with an assault rifle.

Defeating Witches:
To kill a Witch faster, throw a Molotov cocktail. When the Witch is on fire, shoot her with an automatic shotgun.

Defeating Survivors:
When Hunters are on fire, their pounces and attacks on Survivors do significantly more damage per hit. Use this 
to your advantage and deliberately set yourself on fire with the many fire pits or burning cars, then attack. 
This allows you to easily down Survivors. Note: This only works for Hunters, not Smokers, Boomers, or Tanks. 

Kill two zombies with one bullet:
Use a sniper rifle and zoom in on a group of zombies. When you see a zombie standing behind another one, shoot at 
the one in the front. The zombie in back will also get shot.

Faster melee attacks:
Rapidly tap [Melee] and [Weapon Switch] alternately to double your melee speed. 

Fast melee:
When using melee (LT), press Y, then LT, then Y, repeatedly. You will switch weapons and melee. You can complete 
Expert mode a lot easier from Hordes.

Easy "Akimbo Assassin" achievement:
Start a mission and shoot a few zombies using only your pistol. Then, select the "Take a Break" option and allow 
the NPCs to complete the level. 

Easy "Cr0wnd" achievement:
Play under the Easy difficulty setting. Get an auto-shotgun and find a Witch. Quickly approach the Witch with 
lights off and force her to rise. Quickly shoot her head as she stands. 

Easy "Dead Stop" achievement:
Use a shotgun and run at a Hunter, hitting [Melee] repeatedly. 

Easy "Helping Hand" achievement:
Go to a safe house, preferably with a combat shotgun. Incapacitate the other three members of your group, then 
revive them. Doing this counts toward your achievement. It is easier with a combat shotgun because it deals a lot 
of damage fast. In a single player campaign, make sure all other survivors are in the lower red health area. When 
you incapacitate one of them, the others will try to revive them. You then need to shoot the others before they 
revive the incapacitated players or you will not get the points for reviving.

Easy "Man vs. Tank" achievement:
Start a new game in "Dead Air" under the Easy difficulty and select the finale. Once you have made it to the 
tanker, restock on ammo, grab a pipe bomb or Molotov cocktail, then answer the radio and start the gas pump. Once 
the pump is activated, run around to the right-hand side of the rescue plane and prepare to fight off the horde. 
A benefit of this position is that the horde cannot come at you from behind. When it is time for the Tank to 
appear, it will usually spawn on the far side of the plane. Run up to opposite side then run back and forth 
without coming around the plane to your side. Your AI teammates will not shoot the Tank when it is on the other 
side of the plane. By crouching you will be able to easily aim at the lower body from beneath the plane and take 
it down quickly. 

Easy "Stand Tall" and "Unbreakable" achievements:
Select the Easy difficulty while playing offline. Let the bots clean up the enemies on the map. If you get 
healed, you can restart the map after dying and not have it count against you. 

Easy "Unbreakable" achievement:
If you have a health pack and are low on health, pause game play and select "Take A Break". While you are idle 
you will be healed. When it is done, rejoin the game and the healing will not count against you. Note: This was 
done under the Easy difficulty setting.

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