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Kane And Lynch: Dead Men

Easy "Bulletproof" achievement:
The achievement "Bulletproof" states you must survive a level without using a dose of adrenaline. The easiest 
level to gain this achievement is the one where you must kidnap the daughter of the Japanese crime lord. 
Choose this level because for a majority of the level you are unable to be healed by Lynch because he is 
carrying the body of the daughter. Even still, be wary when Lynch is not carrying the woman.

Freedom Fighters: Easy completion:
When you are at the spot where you have to proceed to El Capacito, tell your men to go to the big pointy 
statue in the center and take cover. Then, proceed to shoot down the helicopter first before continuing. A few 
RPGs will be required before it will go down. If you run out of RPGs, go back to the previous spot where you 
had to shoot the APC vehicle to get more supplies.

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