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Jumper: Griffin's Story

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game to unlock the following bonuses.

 - Replay any chapter. 
 - All intermission sequences. 
 - War Trophy room. 

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points. 

 Gnoming (50 points): Find seven collectibles. 
 Solar (50 points): Find all 4 unique comic book covers. 
 Pack Rat (50 points): Find all collectibles in the game. 
 Speed Demon (50 points): Complete a play through of the game in record time. 
 Homerun (50 points): Perform a finisher move from the left side. 
 Slice and Dice (50 points): Perform a finisher move from the back. 
 Right Hook (50 points): Perform a finisher move from the right. 
 Stop hitting yourself (50 points): Perform a finisher move from the front. 
 Gladiator (50 points): Get 20,000 experience points. 
 The Buffet (50 points): Get 45,000 experience points. 
 Combo #5 (50 points): Perform 5 hits. 
 Shall we dance? (50 points): Perform one successful 7 hit jump combo attack. 
 When it�s done (50 points): Complete the game. 
 Hard Target (50 points): Play through the game without dying. 
 Impulse 9 (50 points): Collect all weapons. 
 Deep End (50 points): Perform a drop zone kill. 
 Drop Dead (50 points): Drop an enemy in all drop zones. 
 Dodge This (50 points): Escape an incoming tether. 
 Nothing but Net (50 points): Escape an incoming net. 
 Hot Delivery (50 points): Slide tackle an enemy.  

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