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Assassin's Creed

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game. When the Memory Blocks are played again in Story mode you can kill 
anyone without penalties. Additionally, you will be able to use Eagle Vision at any time regardless of 
Synchronization levels inside of the Animus. 

Defeating Al Mualim:
When you first engage in combat mode against him (after fighting the duplicates of Al Mualim) lock on to 
him by pressing LT  Xbox 360  or L2  PlayStation3  . Quickly equip the hidden blade before attacking. 
Wait for a counter and you will defeat him with the first blow you hit him. Note: This is after you fight 
Al Mualim when he makes about six duplicates of himself. 

Defeating the Master:
- When fighting the Master he will take away your ability to use radar and make it difficult to see. This 
  also allows him to hit you once and kill you. Lock on to him and use a throwing knife against him. This 
  will take away his power to blind you and make him easier to kill.

- The first part is simple. Take your sword out, as you will be fighting all your previous assassination 
  targets. They are fairly easy to kill. Only one counter is required to kill each of them. For the second 
  part, as soon as Al Mualim releases you, use your Eagle Vision. The real Al Mualim is the one in yellow. 
  Focus your attacks on him. In the third part, Al Mualim takes away your synchronization bar and radar, 
  allowing him to kill you in one hit. Take out your throwing knives. Look for the Piece of Eden in his 
  hand. Once you see him, throw a knife at him. Thenm just counterattack/grab break him. Keep repeating 
  this until he says, "Damn you Altair!" Finish him off with your hidden blade, or keep attacking him with 
  your sword until he is dead.

- When Al Mualim gets ready for the final part of the battle immediately after his third speech, lock on to 
  him and equip your hidden blade. Move closer to him and when he is ready to attack, counter him to score 
  an instant kill. He will fall to the ground and you can easily assassinate him without chasing him all 
  over the courtyard. However, only do this if you have mastered the use of your counter attacks.

Defeating William of Montferrat in Acre:
After the guards (or most of them) leave William, drop down from the castle and slay William. Afterward, 
"de-target" or deselect, and run up into the castle buildings and battlement to get away. This is the 
fastest way of completing the mission. 

Defeating Templars:
When initiating combat against him, press LB to lock on to him. Then, quickly equip the hidden blade. Wait 
for him to attack you so that you can counter attack, killing him in one blow. This is better than the 
sword fight. When sword fighting if you counter, you will only knock him down and not kill the Templar.

Escaping from guards:
Go to a high roof when chased. Kill the guards that appear. After a few kills they will either run or give 

Easy fights:
- Note: Only attempt this technique if they are fluent in the Rank 2 skill "Counter" and they have enough 
  synchronization bars (a.k.a., life bars). One and a half rows of bars will do. When in battle, equip your 
  hidden blade. With this equipped, all of your counters will score an instant kill. You can even instantly 
  kill tougher ranked guards (for example, the Teutonic guards in Acre when hunting Sebrand). Also, most of 
  the time using the hidden blade in battle will scare the last one or two (even three if you are lucky) 
  guards, causing them to run away. However because you do not have a weapon that is sufficient enough to 
  block a full sized enemy blade, all incoming attacks will hurt you.

- When in battle, if you see a guard you are fighting physically emote in any way (for example, taunting you 
  or cowering in fear), press [Low Profile Assassinate] while facing them to score an instant kill without 
  having to counter.

- The best weapon for more than four guards or thugs is the Short Blade.

- Sometimes the guards will beat up on you and it would seem as if your timing is off using the counter 
  attack. To create a little breathing room, tap [Action/Use Your Weapon/Attack] twice, then "grab and push" 
  the guard. Disregard the guard you grabbed and pushed, and attack the others using the same technique. 
  There are two ways you can finish them. The first is, after you "grabbed and pushed" all of them, use a 
  strong attack. They will fall quickly. The second method is to "grab and push" them again. They will not 
  get up again.

Frenzy attack:
In order to do a frenzy attack, equip either the short blade or the sword. Once equipped, if you are facing 
a large number of guards, just keep attacking them, bouncing one attack to one enemy then attacking the 
next. If one of the enemies tries to attack you, while attacking another guard quickly press RB then X . 
This will allow you to attack while quickly countering enemies. Another way is when the enemy dodges your 
attack then follows-up another attack. Do the same thing, but make sure your timing is good enough to allow 
you to survive even if there are six or more guards.

Easier interrogation:
After you get the "target" to a safe area to "interrogate" them, punch them first then "grab" them for 
faster completions. It will take about two grabs to quickly finish them. However, into the last three 
quarters of the game you may have to grab them up to, but exceeding, four times.

Unlocking doors:
When you go to bed after Memory Block 2, you will notice your closet door is open. Hit any button to get a 
piece of paper Desmond notes as a code. The code will unlock your bedroom door which will allow you to be 
able to go out as often as you like after you are put to bed, as well as to open the meeting room area. 
You can also pick up various items to unlock Lucy's password.

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