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Worms 3D

Level generator codes: 

Enter smashsumfruit for a tiny island with all the worms. As 
you start it, all worms will be destroyed by a big explosion 
and the result will be a tie. 

Enter marijuana for a massive island map. 
Set the theme to Arctic then enter Bigape for a landscape 
with two frozen submarines, two ice slides and several ice 

Set the theme to War then enter bangbang for a map with a 
blimp held up by a metal wire and a few large islands. 

Set the theme to England then enter igotworms or a landscape 
with a bridge leading to a house on a very steep cliff. 

Enter spire for a moderately sized low altitude map with two 
blimps. Both blimps are held with steel rope. 

Enter slipknot for a pirate-based map with an airship. 

Enter steller for a horror-based map that is quite small and 
very explosive. 

Enter sugarcult for a big winter wonderland. 

Enter finalfantasy for a small winter wonderland. 

Enter 7873155 for an England-based map with a lot of bridges. 

Enter doggystyle for a lunar-based map with a spaceship and giant 
laser gun. 

Enter bigfoot a level with a huge hollow pyramid shaped island, 
and two smaller islands. 

Enter jackassthemovie for a level with a small amount of land with 
ghosts at night. 

Enter Jamie Finegan for a level with a massive island. 

Enter garbage cleaner for a level with a small island. 
Set the theme to England then enter englandspride for a map 
with lots of small islands.
Enter 90210 for a map with a few hour glasses and some small and 
large islands.

Enter boat for a map with a small island, a bridge, and a boat.

Enter tempe for a map with small islands connected by islands under 
to "mini temples" with two small floating islands around them.

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