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Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Splinterz Manufacturing: Inhabints sign
When you posses the Glukkon "Splinterz", look at the desk to 
see an Inhabints sign.

Spliterz Manufacturing: Floating and sliding Abe
When possessing/resurrecting, a laser will hit Abe. As the laser 
is hitting Abe, start running in circles and he will float/slide around.

Jump higher as Munch:
As soon as you jump out of the water, immediately press A when 
you see Munch's headport.

Crossing water as Abe:
A quick way to get across water is take control of Abe and jump 
repeatedly. You may lose life. Quickly press A to avoid going 
in the water.

Move faster as Abe:
When being chased as Abe, repeatedly press A. 

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