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NFL Fever 2003

Master code:
Create a profile and enter Overtime as a case-sensitive name. 
A message will confirm correct code entry. 

Team or Stadium                     Profile Name
1989 49ers:                         Empire
1985 Bears:                         Sausage
1998 Broncos:                       Milehigh
1964 Browns:                        Bigrun 
1977 Cowboys:                       Thehat
1993 Cowboys:                       Lonestar
1972 Dolphins:                      Perfect
1967 Packers:                       Cheese
1996 Packers:                       Green
1983 Raiders:                       Outlaws
1978 Steelers:                      Curtain
Chromides team:                     Regulate 
Commandos team:                     Camo 
Cows team:                          Milk 
Creampuffs team:                    Cakewalk 
Crocs team:                         Crykie 
Da Rulahs team:                     Tut 
Eruption team:                      Lava 
Firemen team:                       Blazer 
Gladiators team:                    BigBack 
Hackers team:                       Axemen 
King Cobras team:                   Venom 
Mimes team:                         Silence 
Monks team:                         Robes 
Pansies team:                       Viola 
Polars team:                        Igloo 
Samurai team:                       Slasher 
Skeletons team:                     Stone 
Soldiers team:                      Helmet 
Sorcerers team:                     Spellboy 
Spies team:                         Target 
Thunder Sheep team:                 Flock 
Tumbleweeds team:                   Dusty 
War Elephants team:                 Horns 
Wild Cats team:                     Kitty 
Winged Gorillas team:               Flying 
Commandos stadium:                  Barracks
Tumbleweed stadium:                 Dustbowl
Pansies stadium:                    Flowery
Pyramid stadium:                    Sphinx
Samurai stadium:                    Warrior

Classic teams:
Defeat the teams in classic challenge mode to unlock then in single player mode. 

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