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NBA Ballers: Phenom

Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following codes at the vs. screen where there are three
basketballs before a game begins to activate the corresponding cheat

Effect                                      Code
Alternative gear (if unlocked)              X(1), B(2), Y(3)
Tournament mode                             X(0), B(1), Y(1)
Show shot percentage                        X(0), B(1), Y(2)
2x Juice replenish                          X(4), B(3), Y(1)
Unlimited Juice                             X(7), B(6), Y(3)
Start with house meter half filled          X(3), B(6), Y(7)
Expanded move set                           X(5), B(1), Y(2)
Random moves                                X(3), B(0), Y(0)
Legal goaltending                           X(7), B(5), Y(6)
Great handles                               X(3), B(3), Y(2)
Super pushing                               X(3), B(1), Y(5)
Super steals                                X(2), B(1), Y(5)
Super back ins                              X(2), B(3), Y(5)
Better free throws                          X(3), B(1), Y(7)
Perfect free throws                         X(3), B(2), Y(7)
Speedy players                              X(2), B(1), Y(3)
Fire ability                                X(7), B(2), Y(2)
Hotspot ability                             X(6), B(2), Y(7)
Back in ability                             X(1), B(2), Y(2)
Stunt ability                               X(3), B(7), Y(4)
Pass 2 friend ability                       X(5), B(3), Y(6)
Alley Oop ability                           X(7), B(2), Y(5)
Put Back ability                            X(3), B(1), Y(3)
Super Block ability                         X(1), B(2), Y(4)
Big head                                    X(1), B(3), Y(4)
Paper ballers                               X(3), B(5), Y(4)
Baby ballers                                X(4), B(2), Y(3)
Kid ballers                                 X(4), B(3), Y(3)
Young ballers                               X(4), B(4), Y(3)
Pygmy                                       X(4), B(2), Y(5)

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