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Moto GP 2

Floating bike mode:
Edit the logo on a custom bike to read kingpin. 

To unlock some mini-games (the ones from Moto GP and a couple others), 
go into options menu and watch the text (not video) credits. Scroll 
down until you get to the credits for the mini-games. When it appears 
onscreen, press A. To confirm correct code entry, the screen with the 
"Mini Games" title will have the "A" in "Games" change to resemble 
that found on that controller button.

Legend difficulty setting:
Win the championship under the champion difficulty setting.

Alex Barros:
Get 250,000 points in stunt mode.

Carlos Chera:
Get 100,000 points in stunt mode.

Max Biaggi:
Get 500,000 points in stunt mode.

Tohru Ukawa:
Get 750,000 points in stunt mode.

Valentino Rossi:
Get over 1,000,000 points in stunt mode. 

Edgy option:
Get 325 championship points.

Pop Video option:
Get 375 championship points.

Saturate option:
Get 300 championship points.

Turbo option:
Get 275 championship points.

Sheridan track:
Successfully complete all the championship challenges. 

Season highlights FMV sequence:
Win first place on any track to unlock that track's highlight's FMV sequence.

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