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Midnight Club 2

Cheat mode:
Highlight "Options Mode" at the main menu. Press Down to highlight 
"Options: ", then press Left or Right until "Options: Cheat Codes" 
appears. Press A. Then, enter one of the following case-sensitive 
cheat codes. Then, highlight "Accept" and press A. 

Note: Codes can also be set to the hotkeys by pressing R to 
avoid re-entering them repeatedly. 

All cars:
Enter hotwired as a case-sensitive code to unlock all cars 
in arcade mode. Note: You must be signed into Xbox Live! 

All locations:
Enter theworldismine as a case-sensitive code to unlock 
all locations in arcade mode. 

Guns and rockets:
Enter lovenotwar as a case-sensitive code. Play in arcade 
mode, then click the Left Analog-stick and White to fire. 

Unlimited nitrous:
Enter zoomzoom4 as a case-sensitive code to get unlimited 
nitrous boosters in arcade mode. Note: This also adds 
nitrous to motorcycles.

All car abilities:
Enter greasemonkey as a case-sensitive code. 

Unlock "Most Dedicated" stat: 
Enter bigbrother as a case-sensitive code. 

Defeat five motorcycles in a long race. 

Los Angeles police car:
Win all the circuit races in Los Angeles in arcade mode. 

Paris police car:
Win all the circuit races in Paris in arcade mode. 

Tokyo police car:
Win all the circuit races in Tokyo in arcade mode. 

Win all the races in Los Angeles, Paris, and Tokyo in arcade 
mode and complete career mode to unlock the SLF450X. It is 
the fastest car in the game and can hit 250 mph with no boost. 
You can only use it in arcade mode. 

Win all six of the World Champion's races (Savo). 

Zoom on mini-map:
Press Down/Left or Down/Right to zoom in and out of the 
mini-map at the bottom left corner. 

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