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Metal Dungeon

To get combos, attack with weapons and spells of the same property. 
For example, have a caster use an elemental spell such as one of the 
fire ones that attack one opponent. Then, make sure a character is 
equipped with an elemental weapon such as a sword or knuckle with the 
same type. You can usually tell what type an item is by the name or 
by the resistance it gives. For example, fire resistance for a fire 
weapon. If you use both attacks at the same time, it has a random 
chance for the two characters to do a single attack, which does five 
to six times the damage compared to the non-combo regular damage. 
This works best on Bosses.

Faster battles:
Turn the battle speed to maximum, and turn off battle animations. 
This will make most fights that usually last a few minutes end in 
about ten seconds. Only do this if you are quite strong and do not 
really care about strategy, but want to save time.

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