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Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer

Cheat Codes:
Select the "Extras" option, then choose "Cheats". Enter the code 
at the cell phone. An "Unlocked" message will confirm correct code entry. 

Effect                      Code
Master code:                7145558092 
All surfers:                9495556799 
Level select:               3285554497 
All boards:                 6195554141 
All suits:                  7025552918 
All tricks:                 6265556043 
All objectives completed:   8565558792
Maximum stats:              2125551776 
Higher jumps:               2175550217 
Perfect balance:            2135555721 
First person view:          8775553825
Play as Tony Hawk:          3235559787 
Play as Freak:              3105556217 
Play as Travis Pastrana:    8005556292 
Play as Rainbow:            8185555555 
Play as Tiki God:           8885554506 
Trippy graphics:            8185551447 

Special moves       Keys
Air Walk:           Press Left(2), Carve in the air.
Alley-oop:          Press Down(2), Carve in the air.
Back Flip:          Press Up, Down, Carve in the air. 
Blown Out:          Press Up(2), Slide in the air.
Caveman:            Press Down, Up, Slide.
Cheater's five:     Press Up(2), Grab.
Coffin:             Press Down(2), Slide.
Cross Air:          Press Up, Down, Grab in the air. 
Cruiser:            Press Up, Down, Grab.
Darkslide:          Press Up, Down, Slide.
Front flip:         Press Down, Up, Carve in the air.
Hang Ten:           Press Up(2), Slide.
Helicopter:         Press Right(2), Carve in the air.
Indian:             Press Right, Left, Grab in the air. 
JC Air:             Press Left, Right, Grab in the air. 
Lawndart:           Press Up, Down, Slide.
Left Flip:          Press Right, Left, Carve in the air.
Manual:             Press Up(2), Carve.
Monkeyman:          Press Down, Down, Grab in the air.
Nac Nac:            Press Left, Left, Grab in the air. 
Right Flip:         Press Left, Right, Carve in the air.
Rodeo Clown:        Press Up(2), Carve in the air.
Shove It Ollie:     Press Up, Down, Carve.
Sunchild:           Press Down, Up, Grab in the air. 
Superman:           Press Down, Up, Grab.
Tweaker:            Press Right(2), Grab in the air. 

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