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Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

Ending bonus:
Successfully complete the game. When you start a new game, 
you can immediately advance to the end. Select the 
"Leave Tomorrow" option at the hotel or pool menu to skip 
to the ending. 

Ending sequence:
Wait for the credits to end to see a extra FMV sequence 
featuring Zack and the remains of his island.

Bonus music tracks:
You can unlock two hidden music tracks in the game: 
"How Crazy Are You" (by Meja) and "Is This Love" (by Bob Marley). 
To obtain them, play through the game once. When you resume that 
saved game file, these two hidden songs will be available in 
the Radio Station.

Extra items:
Give a lot of gifts to one character and complete that game. 
Start a new game on that saved game file and choose to play as 
the character that received the gifts in the previous game. 
Those items will be available in your inventory in the new game.

Swimsuits in exhibition mode:
Earn or buy swimsuits in story mode (Zack's Island). The swimsuits 
that you acquire in that mode will also be available in exhibition mode.

See through swimsuit:
Play as a girl with the Gimlet (Helena), Emu (Leifang), 
Carnelian (Christie) or another suit with a transparent part. 
Also wear a transparent visor. Go to the pool and allow your girl 
to lay on the chair until the menu disappears. Move the camera so 
that you are looking at the girl's body through the visor. The 
swimsuit will not be visible through the visor, but the girl's skin 
will. Small stars can be seen censoring her body. 
Each girl's stars appears different. 

Disable commentary:
Enter to the options menu, then change Zack's language to Japanese. 

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