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Blinx the Time Sweeper

Level skip:
Hold Black and press White to advance to the next level with the 
current level marked as complete with an "S+" rank. 

Note: This can only be done in levels that have not 
already been completed. 

Press Black + White on controller two to advance to the next level, 
without completing the current level. This brings you to the 
standard level roundup screen, where Blinx will get paid for the
trash, etc. he has collected and keep his time crystals as normal. 
This is also useful for getting an A+/S+ time when all else fails.

Ultimate Sweeper:
Collect all 80 Cat Medals. You can now buy the Ultimate Sweeper for 
90,000 at the last shop before the final Boss. This is a 
Level 3 Sweeper that can sweep any trash size and shoots fire and ice.

Bonus FMV sequence:
Successfully complete levels 1-1 through 8-4 with a "A+" or greater rank. 
A FMV sequence of the game developers will be unlocked in the 
"Collection" option for your prizes.

Quick level completion:
As soon as the level starts, quickly do a low jump and land back on the 
level start ring. The game is programmed to think that this is the 
finish ring. Note: This is very difficult to perform, but it is possible.

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