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Yu-Gi-Oh! Dawn Of Destiny

Rare cards:
When you put in a new name such as GOD OF CARDS, you will get a rare card such 
as Tri-Horn Dragon. If you enter KONAMI as a game, you will get Cosmo Queen. 
When you put XBOX as a game, you will get Zera the Mant.

Use other decks:
Unlock all tiers in triple duel mode. Then, hold X at the opponent selection 
screen in single duel mode to bring up a a deck selection screen. You may now 
choose anyone's deck. This allows to you see what is in the other character's 
decks and use them against an opponent in single duel mode. 

Alternate background:
Press X at the menu with the single or triple duel options to change the 
background to that of one of cards that you have unlocked. 

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