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Steel Battalion

Mech and level select in free mission mode: 
Move the tuner to the following positions at the title screen in order, with a 
one second pause before moving to the next position: 1, 9, 7, 9, 0, 9, 0, 6. A 
sound will confirm correct code entry. Note: Position "0" is on the left end 
of the dial, position "4" is at the top of the dial, etc. 

Unlimited ammunition and fuel:
Log 100 hours, then reset the game and win 2080 mode one more time. Press 
Start + Reload during the loading screen to unlock unlimited ammunition and 

Movie viewer option:
Successfully the game under the normal difficulty setting. The "Movie Viewer" 
option will be unlocked in the configuration menu at the main menu.

Voice select option:
Successfully complete the game under the veteran difficulty setting. The 
"Voice Select" option will be unlocked in the configuration menu at the main 

Desperado difficulty setting:
Successfully complete the game under the veteran difficulty setting.

Lower mech:
Successfully complete the game under the desperado difficulty setting. Press 
Hatch + Start during game play to lower your mech.

Remove HUD:
Get to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Then, press Ignition + Start during 
game play.

Log 55 hours of game play. Press Ignition + Start during game play to remove 
the gauges and dials.

Black and white graphics:
Win mission 23 under veteran difficulty setting. Press Start + Night Scope 
during the mission loading screen to switch between black and white and color 

Jump flight ability:
Win mission 23 under the magnum force difficulty setting. Press Start + F3 
during a mission and repeatedly jump to get higher. 

Disable weight limit and equip all weapons: 
Begin Mission 6 on a difficulty level of Veteran or greater. You can do this 
in your campaign or in free mission mode. When you reach the mountain compound 
and the blast doors open, fight your way inside and examine the floor to the 
left of the second door for a person waving his arms (you may need to use 
night vision). This is Corporal Arnold. Grab him with your manipulator arm and 
run like hell, as this room seems to constantly generate VTs. After completing 
the mission, start a campaign mission or free mission and press Start + Main 
Weapon (on the center block, not the control stick) at the briefing menu to 
make your VTs max weight 100 and give it the ability to use any weapon. If 
done correctly, the message "WEP ALL" will appear on the briefing screen.

Spotlight in free mode:
On one of the towers in mission 20 is Lieutenant Silver Star. Grab him with 
the manipulator arm and complete the mission to unlock the spotlight in free 
mode. Activate the spotlight by pressing F2.

Juggernaut mech:
Get to the rank to Colonel to unlock the Juggernaut VT.

Quasar mech:
Begin game play on mission 7 or 17. Enter the second floor of the enemy base 
and move into the small room to your left. Defeat mech inside and move to the 
large box with a switch in the rear. The Quasar mech is inside.

Rapier mech:
Win ten decorations to unlock the Rapier VT.

Pause game play:
Disconnect the controller during a mission to stop the game during a mission. 
Plug the controller back in and press Start to resume.

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