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MX Unleashed

Cheat mode:
To enter the following codes, choose the "Options" selection at the main menu. Then, 
press L or R to cycle from the "Game Settings" option until the "Cheats" option 
appears. Then, press Down until the desired cheat option appears. Press B to display 
a keyboard that is used to enter the code to unlock that cheat option. 

Career completion:
Enter CLAPPEDOUT as a code for the "Character Completion" option at the "Cheats" 
screen. All bonuses in the game will now be unlocked. 

50cc class:
Enter SQUIRRELDOG as a code.

500cc class:
Enter BIGDOGS as a code. 

All machines:
Enter MINIGAMES as a code. 

All Freestyle tracks:
Enter BUSTBIG as a code. 

All National tracks:
Enter ECONATION as a code. 

All Supercross tracks:
Enter STUPERCROSS as a code. 

Bowling mini-game:
Enter WRECKINGBALL as a code. Alternately, play the Ocotillo Wells track in freestyle 
mode. Get to the purple stunt competition marker then look for the nearby row of power 
lines. Follow the power-lines to the west to reach the bowling lane. 

Pro Physics:
Enter SWAPPIN as a code for the "Pro Physics" option at the "Cheats" screen. 

Expert opponents:
Enter OBTGOFAST as a code. 

Reset vehicle:
To reset you vehicle (dirt bike, monster truck, trophy truck, etc.), press L + R during 
game play in freestyle mode. If you try to do this with the biplane or helicopter, you 
must be flying slow and close to or on the ground. If you have your propellers broken 
off, you can also do it there regardless of the speed. If you flip your trophy truck or 
monster truck, you can do this to get up faster without waiting for the game to do it 
for you.

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