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Red Steel

Hidden FMV sequence:
Allow the game to idle at the title screen. You will see a FMV sequence showing a man playing the game. 

Easy respect:
Every time you engage in a swordfight, use only the hammer or little scorpion moves. These are easy to 
pull off, and will give you respect each time they hit. If your opponent is dodging these attracts, 
which some do, then hit him or her a few times with another attack to bring him or her to about half 
health. Then , attack away. The opponent might block your attack, but it is very powerful and will break 
their sword after a few hits. Note: This does not work for every fight. For example, against Harry as 
his sword is unbreakable. Also, it will not work if you do not have an offhand sword equipped.

Never kill an opponent after a duel. If you let them live, you will get a lot of respect, and they often 
open up secrets for you.

Easy kills:
As soon as you learn how to focus, start to use it. When in combat, focus as soon as you can and shoot 
the guns out of your opponent's hands (aim inside the white box). Then, shake the Wiimote Up and Down to 
disarm them. This will take them out of combat and give you about 50 respect per enemy. Also, if there 
is a leader in the room (an enemy with a circle above his head), disarm him immediately to make all 
other enemies in the room disarm, giving you a huge respect bonus.

Easy focus:
To increase your focus quickly to disarm opponents, use the Uzi. It fires a lot of bullets that do not 
do a lot of damage. Therefore, if you are out of focus and want to disarm someone, shoot them with the 
Uzi for awhile. You should get enough focus back to disarm them without killing them. Try doing this if 
a leader comes in the room and you are out of focus. It makes tough rooms a much easier.

Break opponent's sword:
When your opponent starts blocking your attacks in a sword battle, use special attacks to break their 

View programmers:
Locate the geishas on the mission assigned by Reiko. Look at the nearby lockers and open the one with 
the darker door. Inside are photos of the development team with blonde wigs.

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