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Red Alarm

Bonus scenes:

Virtual Boy system and controller
Locate the room in level one built from girders with enemies that 
appear from left to right on the floor. Stop and shoot the wall on 
the left side at the end of the room, just before the exit to the 
next room to reveal a Virtual Boy. Shoot the wall directly the 
Virtual Boy to reveal a controller. 

Locate the room in level one with small figures running about. 
Eliminate all enemies, stop, and turn around to face the entrance of 
this room. Slowly move along the wall on the right side and shoot 
the bottom right corner of the wall near the door. 

Destroy the first three enemies in the first room on level two, 
then turn around. 

Bikini girl
Leave the first room on level two and continue moving forward until 
a small hole guarded by a cat appears. Enter this opening and shoot 
the lower right wall. 

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