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Military Madness

Sound test:
Enter ONGAKU as a password. 

Alternate colors:
Power on the game console, and hold Select to reset. 
While continuing to hold Select, choose the one player 
continue option and enter a map name. The CPU will be 
blue when game play begins. 

CPU auto-play:
Select the two player continue option. Hold Select 
and press I. Enter the password for the map to be 
played automatically. Alternatively, hold Select and 
press Run before choosing the two player continue option. 

Switch sides:
Hold Select and press Run before choosing the one 
player continue option. 

Play as the Axis:
Select the new game or one player continue option at 
the title screen, then hold Select and press I. 

Level   Password
 1      REVOLT  
 2      ICARUS  
 3      CYRANO  
 4      RAMSEY  
 5      NEWTON  
 6      SENECA  
 7      SABINE  
 8      ARATUS  
 9      GALIOS  
10      DARWIN  
11      PASCAL  
12      HALLEY  
13      BORMAN  
14      APOLLO  
15      KAISER  
16      NECTOR  
17      MILTON  
18      IRAGAN  
19      LIPTUS  
20      INAKKA  
21      TETROS  
22      ARBINE  
23      RECTOS  
24      YEANTA  
25      MONOGA  
26      ATTAYA  
27      DESHTA  
28      NEKOSE  
29      ERATIN  
30      SOLCIS  
31      SAGINE  
32      WINNER  

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