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Enter DEBDE DEBDA as a password, then press Run + I. Ignore the 
"Password Error" message and press II. Select a character and begin 
game play. Note: This code will also allow your character to move 
through objects. 

Alternate ending:

Enable the "Invincibility" code. Enter AENIP BLKEE as a password 
instead of selecting a character. Sit on the empty throne to start 
the ending sequence. 

Edit name:

Enter CHECK NAMEA as a password to name characters in the game. 

Weapon control:

Enter HOMIN GAAAA as a password. 

Play as the hermit:

Enter IMGAJ MDPAI as a password. 

Play as the Princess:

Enter JBBNJ HDCPG or JOINJ HFOHK as a password. 

Level select:

Enable the "Invincibility" code. Enter one of the following fifteen 
bushes in front of Axis castle to jump to the corresponding location. 
Note: Bush 1 is on the left end, bush 15 is on the right end.

Bush    Location  

1       Natas 
2       Balamous Tower  
3       Rotterroad (path to Judas)  
4       Mistose Dungeon  
5       Ratonix Dungeon  
6       Reraport Maze  
7       Rally Maze  
8       Bullbeast  
9       Melba Village  
10      After Gutworm  
11      Nostalgia Dungeon  
12      Water Castle  
13      Road to Cherry Tower  
14      Stonefield  
15      Karma Castle  

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