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Champion's Forever Boxing

Level passwords:

Enter the following passwords to begin game play at the corresponding 
year with an undefeated record. Note: All fights are for the 
heavyweight championship.

Year    Boxer               Password  

1969    Ken Norton          WMQQ8LQMV7NX  
1970    George Foreman      T4Q8QLVQV7NL  
1971    Joe Frazier         JMQKK-VMV77N  
1972    George Foreman      W!Q7.P8QF748  
1973    Joe Frazier         SKQN.V8MF7L4  
1974    Muhammad Ali        LRQR8P.QF7F2  
1975    George Foreman      LMQ!KS.MF7-Q  
1976    Joe Frazier         LJVSCJKQF7F2  
1977    Ken Norton          G7VD.-KMF7.F  
1978    Joe Frazier         M!88VPCQF7-C  
1979    Larry Holmes        7M89S!CMF7.X  
1980    Ken Norton          N7.NX!SQF7T.  
1981    Joe Frazier         DJK4SKSMF7KX  
1982    Ken Norton          R!CDXJXQF7-8  

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