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Continue game:

Press Run + II as Bravoman is dying. Alternatively, hold Run after 
dying. A message stating that the life meter has been refilled will 
confirm correct code entry. 

Continue with luck symbols:

Jump past the Lottery Man at the end of the level. 

Unlimited continues:

Begin game play and collect 10,000 points (exactly). Intentionally 
lose the game and wait for the title screen to appear. Then, press Up, 
Right, Down, Left, II, Select, II, Select. The continue counter will 
display infinite to confirm correct code entry. 

Bravo Kombat mini-game:

Repeatedly tap II, Select at the title screen until the mini-game 
begins. A list of all fourteen of the game's Bosses will appear. 
Press I to select one of those characters as your opponent. 

Extra lives:

Locate the second set of two stacked pipes in level 9. Enter the 
bottom tube to get an extra life in a multi -dimensional area. 

Crawl inside the statue in the middle of level 20 to find another 
extra life. 

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