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Cheat mode:

Obtain a score of 300 points as a high score. Wait until the title 
screen begins to appear after the first demonstration sequence. At 
the point where the clouds appear before the title screen, hold 
Down + Select + I + II. Keep the buttons held and press Run when 
the menu appears. A level and power-up select menu will appear. 

Level select:

Enter BOMLEVELS as a password. 

Maximum power-ups:

Enter RUHNGSEY as a password for level 5-4 or UXAFSOKH for level 8-8 
to begin game play with full power-ups. 

Sound test:

Enter BOMSOUND as a password, then select the "End" option. Enter 
MWFWJQYY as a password, and select the "End" option again. "Sound-00" 
will be displayed to confirm correct code entry. Press Run to play 
the current sound, II to jump to the next sound, or I to return to 
the previous sound. 


Accomplish the following tasks to earn the corresponding number of 
bonus points.

Points  Task 

18,800      Destroy all blocks without hitting any enemies.  
24,800      Do not move for three minutes.  
39,800      Destroy all enemies without hitting any blocks.  
111,110     Destroy the exit block last  
123,450     Stand on the exit with one enemy and 3:33 remaining  

Level   Password  

2-3     MOYAESTP  
2-8     RUYHITPP  
3-3     ROCCNOZC  
3-5     RAHNQHZC  
4-2     RUNANMPS  
4-3     ROCCNNZV  
5-2     MKONVWVH  
5-4     MXECVLTK  
6-1     MXECPSCY  
6-5     MBAAINCY  
6-6     MBNAINTY  
7-1     RAOYQNEV  
7-4     UCOZONTN  
8-1     MORAPHPP  
8-4     RAZZPONN  
8-7     MKKAPBRK  
8-8     UWAFTHKH  

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