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Might And Magic 3

Begin game with money:
Enter DOE_MIESTER at the Mirror portal to begin with your funds at 2,000,000. Note: There is no penalty at level one when asking Mr. Wizard for assistance to return. Begin game with King's Ultimate Power Orb:
Enter ORB_MIESTER as a password. View introduction sequences:
Enter 645 as a password to view the introduction to the first half of the game. Enter 231 as a password to view the introduction to the second half of the game. View ending sequence:
Enter BLASTOFF as a password. Quick experience:
Fill all your backpacks and locate a wagon. The wagon will reappear after it is destroyed. Repeat this process to accumulate experience points. Note: All backpacks must be full for this to occur. Answers to riddles:
Note: Use the magic eye spell to display the current "x" and "y" coordinate values. --------------------------------------------- Area Coordinates Answer Alpha Engine Sector X6,Y15 PRIMARY Beta Engine Sector X6,Y0 PRIMARY Main Engine Sector X6,Y0 WARP X6,Y15 SUBLEVEL Central Control Sector X1,Y5 CREATORS X3,Y5 CREATORS X9,Y5 CREATORS X13,Y5 CREATORS Forward Storage Sector X9,Y11 YOUTH Swamp Town X2,Y13 MIRROR X6,Y2 STAIRS Cursed Cold Cavern X18,Y14 ICICLE X27,Y25 TOMORROW X27,Y11 CHAIN X27,Y17 ECHO Arachnid Cavern X14,Y15 20301 Castle Dragontooth X13,Y7 11 X13,Y9 11 X8,Y0 20000 Castle Bloodreign X9,Y15 OGRE X4,Y10 NORTIC X4,Y9 NORTIC X10,Y10 NORTIC X10,Y9 NORTIC Castle Graywind X7,Y5 CIRCLE Castle Blackwind X11,Y0 TEN Castle Whiteshield X,Y JOABARY X,Y S-MELLO Fountain Head Cavern X12,Y5 RATS Slithercut Stronghold X7,Y26 EPSILON Dark Warriors Keep X24,Y2 314 Cathederal of Carnage X25,Y14 JVC The Halls of Insanity X11,Y12 TEARS X14,Y9 BLINK X17,Y12 EYES X13,Y6 DARKNESS Area B X9,Y9 SECRET Area C2 X12,Y0 FIRE Area E4 X3,Y3 EARTH Area F1 X0,Y12 AIR Area E3 X7,Y10 WATER Mirror Portals Fountain Head HOME Baywatch SEADOG Wildabar FREEMAN Swamp Town DOOMED Blistering REDHOT Arena ARENA

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