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Megaman X2

Diagnostic mode:
Hold B on controller two, then power on the SNES. Level passwords:
Enter one of the following passwords to start at the corresponding game location. Third X-hunter level
All Bosses defeated
First X-hunter stage after all Bosses defeated, all hearts, all energy tanks, all special capsules except for Dragon Punch
Getting the Dragon Punch:
Get to the third X-hunter stage and continue until reaching a location with two ladders, one on the ground and one near the ceiling, that is unreachable. Lure a bat towards the ceiling ladder. Use the ICQ on the bat, then jump on the bat to reach the ladder. Kill the man with the shield. Allow the bat that appears to follow your character. Shimmy across the wall to the single spot without spikes. Quickly tap B, A to reach a safe spot. Walk up the small set of stairs to find more spikes. Bump into the bat that followed your character to become invincible for a short amount of time. Quickly move past the spikes and use an energy tank, Shimmy down the left wall until your character falls into a room with a capsule. Enter to get the Dragon Punch. To use it, press Forward, Down, Down/Forward, Y after your character is at full health.
Defeating Morph Moth easily:
Instead of using the X-buster, the quickest way is to use Flame Stag's weapon.
Overdrive Ostrich level:
On Overdrive Ostrich's stage, instead of going to all that trouble on the bike to get the heart tank, sacrifice yourself (after completing the stage and are at 0 lives). Then, charge up the flame weapon, jump normally, release the charge, then do a air slide.

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