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Madden NFL '96

Skip credits:
Reset the SNES and hold Start until the options screen appears. Erase saved game files:
Hold Start + Select + L + R + A on controller two when powering on the SNES. A "Game Pak Statistics" screen will by displayed. Hold Down + B + Y + L + R to delete all saved game information. View ending sequence:
Press A, Y, A, Y, L at the set-up menu to view the sequence displayed after winning the Super Bowl. Touchdown dances:
Press Y + D-pad or B + D-pad as your player crosses the goal line to control the touchdown dance. Quick game:
Highlight the "Quarter Length" selection on the options menu and press Y, A, Y, A, R. A 15 second option will appear. Players Inc. (free agent) team:
Highlight the Panthers and press L, Y, B, R, A, Right, Y. Tiburon team:
Highlight the Jaguars and press A, Y, B, A, B, Y. EA Sports team:
Highlight the All-Madden team and press B, A, L(2), Select. Championship teams:
Select the "Play Now" option, highlight one of the following teams, and enter the corresponding code. The team's old championship version will be available. ----------------------------------------------- AFC Teams Code NFC Teams Code '65 Browns A, L(2), R, B '60 Eagles A, L(2), Y '68 Jets A, R(2), A, Y '62 Lions B, A, R(2), Y '68 Colts B, A, L, B, A, L(2) '67 Packers B, A, Y, B, A, L(2) '69 Chiefs B, L(2), Y, R, A, Y '68 Rams B, A, R, L, Y '72 Dolphins L, R, B(3) '75 Cardinals A, B(2), A '73 Bills A, L, A, B, Y '76 Vikings B, R, A, L(2) '76 Raiders B, Y, B, Y, L, A '78 Cowboys B, A, R, B, Y '77 Broncos B, R, A, Y '79 Bucs Y, A, R(2) '78 Seahawks A, L, A, R '79 Saints Y, A, L(2) '78 Steelers L, A, Y, B, R '80 Falcons L, Y, B, R, A '80 Oilers A, R, A, B, Y, A '82 Redskins L, Y, B, R, L '81 Chargers A, Y, R, B, A, L(2) '84 49ers B, A, Y, A, R, Y, A '81 Bengals R, A, L(2), Y '85 Bears Y, A, B(2), A '85 Patriots R, A, Y, B, A, R, Y '86 Giants L, B, L, A, R(2), Y

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