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Beavis And Butt-head

Level        Password  

GWAR concert Woa, Hah, Yah, Huh, Woa, Woo, Hee, Woa  
After Highland hospital Woa, Hah, YEA, Hee, Heh, Heh, Woa, Hah  
After Highland high school Woa, Hah, Yah, Hee, Hah, Woa, Huh, Yea  
After Streets of highland Yea, Hee, Yah, Hee, Yah, Huh, Huh, Woa  
Turbo Mall 2000 Hee, Hah, Yah, Yah, Hah, Woo, Hee, Hah  

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