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The Adventures Of Batman And Robin

Restart trick:

Pause the game and return to the Batcave to restart the level with full
energy, additional lives, and more continues. 


Stage 2 Stage 3  Stage 4 Stage 5  Stage 6 Stage 7  Stage 8 

_TCS    SCSS     C__S    SS_T     CSSS    C__S     _CC_ 
CCTT    T_CS     S_T_    CC__     S_TC    CC_S     CCTS 
TCST    SS__     S__S    TC_T     CSSS    STTT     ST_C 
_TC_    _CST     _S_S    __C_     TT_S    CCC_     _TC_ 


T = Triangle
C = Circle
S = Square
"_" = Space 

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