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Virtua Fighter Kids

Wireframe Mode:

 Start a new  game and at the  mode-select  screen, pick "Arcade Mode."
 Then  pick  any  fighter  at the  player-select  screen.  When the box
 appears with the  Normal  and Kids modes, press and hold the L button,
 then select either mode. Hold L until the match begins. When the fight
 starts, you will have a battle like the first-person Punch-Out game!

Play as Dural:

 To  play  as  silver-colored  Dural, do  the following  at the fighter
 select screen: Press Down, Up, Right, then  A and Left simultaneously.
 Silver Dural appears in the figher box.

To play as gold-colored Dural:

 Do the following at the  fighter-select  screen: Press Up, Down, Left,
 then press A and  Right  simultaneously.  Gold  Dural  appears  in the
 fighter box.

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