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Night Warriors

More Turbo:

 To  raise  the  Turbo  up  to  ten  stars, go into the  "Options"  and
 highlight "Turbo." With  "Turbo"  highlighted, enter the following: X,
 X, Right, A, Z. You should hear a sound.  Now, you can crank the speed
 up to ten stars for a real fast fight.

Clean Pause:

 To eliminate the darkening effect and the word "Pause" from the screen
 when the game is paused, go into the  "Options"  and highlight "Screen
 Size." With  "Screen Size"  highlighted, enter the following: A, C, Y,
 Y, Up.  You should  hear  a sound.  Now, when you  pause  the game the
 screen will be crystal clear.

Appendix Mode:

 At  the  title  screen, go  into  the  "Options."  Once in  "Options,"
 highlight "Configuration," and  quickly  press B, X, Down, A, and Y. A
 new option  "Appendix"  will appear below "Configuration." Now you can
 change the number of rounds, color, and even full animation.

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