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NHL '98

Beat England:

 Go under  Password  in the  option  menu  on the  main  screen...enter
 GIPTEA...then choose  an  exhibition  game  between  Team USA and Team
 England.  As Team USA, pull your starting  goalie.  Any  time  England
 scores, they will have their  goal  waved off, either by offsides, and
 interference  minor  penalty, or a game  misconduct  for abuse  of the
 official. You are guaranteed a lot of power plays and a shutout.

Best Players:

 Begin NHL 98, go to roster and select CREATE A PLAYER. A screen should
 show CREATE or EDIT.  Go to create, for first and last name, enter one
 of  the  EA  team  members  name (Ex. for mine I entered Mark Gipson),
 after your done with the name, a little  screen  should show up saying
 if you want the real stats. Just choose yes and it should show you the
 stats all filled out. Exit by pressing start and go to edit you should
 see  the  EA  team  members  name, select  it  and  change  the  name,
 nationality, age, heigh & weight, jersey #, and position you want. Now
 you have a 99 overall player. The only thing wrong is when you score a
 goal, instead of just  saying  your numero, it will your number and EA
 players name.

Cheat Codes:

Enter these codes at the password screen. 

Code:       Effect:

 STANLEY     View winning movie
 NHLKIDS     Players and goalies are tiny
 PLAYTIME    Tiny players with normal heads
 and large   goalies with huge heads
 BIGBIG      All the players are huge
 BRAINY      Players have big heads
 MASKDMAN    Wear team's third jersey if they have one
 EAEAO       EA Sports team
 FREEEA      Allow EA players to be traded

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