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Mega Man 8


 f6000914c305  Master code
 160361fc0100  Have flame sword
 160361f00100  Have ice wave
 160361ec0100  Have thunder claw
 160361f40100  Have tornado hold
 160361fe2800  Infinite flame sword
 160361f22800  Infinite ice waves
 160361ee2800  Infinite thunder claws
 160361f62800  Infinite tornado hold

Animation Test:

 At  the   title  screen   with  the  options,  highlight  Bonus  Mode.
 Simultaneously press and hold L and R, and press Start. This takes you
 to the Bonus Mode menu, but under Voice Test youll find a new category
 called Animation.  The  Animation  option  lets you  watch  any of the
 game's animated sequences.

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